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From toppling regimes to video game currency

Easy to use

Just enter the name, abbreviation, and starting difficulty of the coin, and CoinPress will build a new blockchain and wallet.

Free Node Hosting

Redundant node hosting on servers in Chicago, Dallas, and Los Angeles for active blockchains. Blockchain explorers and mining pools coming soon!

All the Power of Ethereum

Smart contracts, Dapps, Whisper protocol, and ERC-20 tokens are all available, as well as general use as a cryptocurrency store of value.

Highly Compatible

Use your blockchain with most software and libraries written for Ethereum with little to no modification.

Cryptocurrency For Everyone

Generating a coin with CoinPress is FREE and only takes a few seconds. Reserve your coin name now!

Blockchain, demystified

Wondering where to start or how it all works under the hood? Check out our documentation, which includes a setup guide and a FAQ.

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You can contact us directly by email at or shoot us a message at @CoinpressCC on Twitter. We're here to help!

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